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In the enjoyment of "China's Procelain Capital,"  said the Chaozhou city,  "MUYE pottery" relying on local high-quality clay resource, by geographical days, and the unique diligence and wisdon, make the modern technology and traditional craft together, today, has accunted for an area of 100,000 spuare meters area, specializing production plant, set up hundreds of automated machinery and manual monitoring dual-mode sanitary product line,becoming the largest bathroom production faclility in Chaozhou. "MUYE people" with their own bathroom brand ---  "MUYE"  has  become  a  famous  brand in China,  enterprises aer become "chian sanitary ceramics first twon," a dazzing pearl.

"People-oriented,  to the letter first,  excellence service"  is the motto 
of  MUYE enterprise  development. "MUYE people" believe "facilitate their machines before doing a good job." Since the start at the beginning, enterprises grasp planning, as soon as possible to create a good environment to meet the needs of large-
scale  production;  creat 
brand  and  vigorously strengthen brand building and take the brand-name, and famous  mark path,  to  form a driving  effect of  the  brand  and  promote  businesses  development; and innovation,  on the basis of collaborbing with research  institutions,  constantly  introducing and absorbing advanced technology and qualified personnel,advanced production equipment, further improve enterprise independent  research  and  development  of  innovative capability, relying on scientific and  technological progress, within the strong quality;strict supervision,combine with sanitary products quality new standards implementation,companies step up internal quality control,and actively import the ISO9001 quality system certification  for  enterprise  development  inject  fresh  blood, and  striving  for  the  development of  new
advantages, the production  has  become  the  scale of  quantily and qualiyt, and  efforst  to develop new products,  in the modeling,  design creativity,  color and practical value of the organic integration of order "MUYE" series of sanitary ware is more simple and generous, bright crisp,  highly individualized, each one,"MUYE" brand sanitary wares are  "MUYE people"  Process  and  wisdom.  Ceramic Manufacturing Co., Ltd. MUYE ensure products are manufactured every one is fine and implement quality tracking


Services,build the credit system,the image outside, the views of the user immediately, Solemn commitment, good  quality and  service for  the enterprise has won the majority of users and society a  good reputation.

Today's  MUYE has been growing healthily, "MUYE"  brand has been deeply rooted among people's heart, products are not only well sold to the domestic market, but also exported to Europe,America, Middle East,Asia,Africa and Oceania,more than 60 countries and regions,and consumer prferred brands. "Wings on Waves will be when the sail sea",  "MUYE people"  are lifted velamen,  in preparation for your life,  and a trace of comfort!

--- Built pottry elegant first choice MUYE

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